Bombay, the pulsating commercial capital of India, is uniquely a melting pot of diverse cuisine and the world’s cultures. One of the vibrant cultures of this melting pot are the Parsis – which in the Persian language is a demonym meaning “inhabitant of Pārs,” and hence “ethnic Persian,” the now Iran.

Parsi food is a delicious mix of Iranian and traditional Indian cuisine. In the 7th century, the Parsees fled Persia, the now Iran, and settled in Gujarat and Bombay. Over the years, the amalgamation of cultures originated in Persian and Gujarati cooking styles created irresistible flavours. Flavouring their curries with nuts and apricots, the Parsees brought Persian cuisine’s richness to simple Gujarati fare. Paris food is not fiery hot but has complex flavours and textures. Parsees are primarily non-vegetarians, and a lot of their food revolves around meat. But the Gujarati influence has also meant that a large part of their food is vegetarian.

Parsis incredibly love eggs in their diet, be it in any form. In ancient Iran and the entire Caucasian region, eggs were a symbol of fertility and new life, so eggs become a crucial part of Parsee cuisine. On our menu, we have Parsi Akuri (runny scrambled egg), Angry Cheese Poro (spicy omelette), Parsi French toast, and egg wrapped keema pulao, canteen bun omelette. Equally extraordinary are the assortment of Bombay street food, like vada pau, Bombay Frankie rolls, pau bhaji and the list, are endless. We have it all on our menu!

Parsi cafes dot across the length and breadth of Bombay, the now Mumbai. Undoubtedly, these traditional Parsi cafes offer a unique, unmatched character to Bombay’s street food; such distinctiveness is to be experienced!

We are not suggesting you start planning your next sojourn to Bombay; instead, Hemant Bhagwani and the team brings the same flavours, tastes and textures to your neighbourhood. Mr. Bhagwani took many culinary expeditions to the Indian subcontinent to explore Bombay’s real Parsi cafes and street food. Catch a glimpse of his journey in our gallery section, titled – Sights and Textures of Bom-Bay Snack Bar.

By bringing Bom-Bay Snack Bar to Canada, we pay tribute to these Parsi cafes and Bombay street food adorning the Bombay food scene. The team at Bom-Bay Snack Bar, lead by Hemant Bhagwani, endeavours to take you on this exceptional journey of tastes and textures.

Just place your order online here. Experience for yourself – Bom-Bay Snack Bar – The Irani café with an Indian heart, now in Toronto.

Location: 1595 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 3B5

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