Evoke Martial Arts

Evoke Academy

Address: 1669 Bayview Ave #200, Toronto, ON M4G 3C1

Phone: 416-440-2828

Website: https://www.evokeacademy.com/

Hours: Monday: 12pm-9:30pm
Tuesday: 12pm-9:30pm
Wednesday: 12pm-9:30Pm
Thursday: 12pm-9:30pm
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 8:30am-2:30pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Located at 1669 Bayview Ave.

Welcome to Evoke Martial Arts. The city’s top choice for fitness kickboxing, self-defence, and muay Thai in Toronto.

We nurture a safe, inspiring, and inclusive culture where members tap into their ultimate potential to live their best life.

Our Why:

To Evoke the Human Spirit and Unleash the Courage to Impact our World through the Power of Martial Arts.