Lit Espresso Bar Bayview

Lit Espresso Bar

Address: 1517 Bayview Ave, East York, ON M4G 3B5

Phone: (416) 481-2217


Hours: Monday: 7am-6pm
Tuesday: 7am-6pm
Wednesday: 7am-6pm
Thursday: 7am-6pm
Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday: 7am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-6pm

Dine-in, takeout

Located at 1517 Bayview Avenue, Lit is a place where you’ll want to linger. It’s not just the harmonious complexity of the blends which inspire second and third cups. Our classically trained baristas’ passion and attention to detail pay dividends in every pour. And not to roast the “we’re on every street corner” corporate coffeeterias, but our vibe is more conducive to both chatting and chilling. Lit uses Pig Iron Coffee Roasters!