Silver Creek Management

Located at 1670 Bayview Ave, Unit 308,¬†Silvercreek was founded in March 2000 by industry veteran Louise Morwick, following an extensive “big company” career in the finance industry. Louise’s actuarial training and early experience in the insurance industry provides a solid quantitative foundation and an understanding of risk and the importance of asset:liability matching. Her experience within the corporate finance business at Scotia Capital Markets honed her understanding of business fundamentals and asset valuation. Finally, her time spent managing a proprietary hedge fund for the Toronto Dominion Bank complemented her earlier business experience.

Silvercreek is 100% employee owned which, coupled with significant co-investment in each of the funds we manage, ensures that the interests of our principals are fully aligned with our investors. Each of the funds managed by Silvercreek is relatively small. The smaller fund size broadens the scope of investment opportunity and enhances our ability to be “nimble” and take advantage of market inefficiencies regardless of size. Silvercreek’s aim is to focus on generating attractive returns consistent with the mandate of each particular strategy.

The firm currently manages three distinct investment strategies. Each of the funds is intended to serve a different, yet equally important role, within a well balanced portfolio.

Silvercreek is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as a Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer and is a member of The Alternative Investment Management Association Limited.