Dec 14

It’s On Bayview! Check Your List Complete!

Check your list complete when you visit Bayview Avenue.⁠ Start with your morning coffee and a workout in whichever order you like! ⁠

It’s on Bayview!⁠

Shop accessories and eyewear, pick up a toy for the youngest on your list and add that missing piece of décor. ⁠Pamper yourself, grab your groceries and finish off the day with some fine treats!⁠

It’s on Bayview! ⁠

Holiday Shopping on Bayview

⁠⁠*The stores listed below are identified because the specific item photographed has come from their store, however, there are multiple stores on Bayview Avenue that offer something similar, so we encourage you to shop the whole Avenue because you never know what treasures you will find!

Clockwise from top:⁠
1. Clock from Pagnello’s Antiques, vintage⁠
2. Stamp box from Pagnello’s Antiques, vintage, sterling⁠
3. Lipstick from Bloom Beauty, Lily Lolo⁠
4. Nail Polish from The Glam Bar, OPI Gel Color, Dazzling Dew Drop⁠
5. Eyeshadow from Bloom Beauty, ⁠
6. Eyeliner from Bloom Beauty, Brow Luxe⁠
7. Necklace from Boutique La Muse, Biko⁠
8. Sunglasses from Vizio Eyewear, Vintage⁠
9. Keychain from Bloom Beauty, ⁠
10. Blocks from West Coast Kids, Totem set by Banjo⁠
11. Barrette from Butter Studio, Acetate Made in France⁠
12. Cigar + Ashtray from The Smokin’ Cigar, ⁠
13. Serving board from Boo Boo Lefty Fine Living, ⁠
14. Chocolate from The Chocolate Messenger, Raspberry flavour⁠
15. Pomegranate from Badali’s Fruit Market⁠
16. Cheese from Alex Farm on Bayview, Sheep’s Milk Cheese with Ash Rind⁠
17. Box from MacFab ⁠