Dec 7

It’s On Bayview! Freshness Daily!

Freshness daily. Pasta, bread, pastries, raw juices, seasonal vegetables. ⁠
Farm-fresh poultry and meats. Fish and seafood.⁠

It’s on Bayview. ⁠

You deserve freshness too! Makeup, hair, nails.⁠

It’s on Bayview.⁠

Holiday Shopping on Bayview

*The stores listed below are identified because the specific item photographed has come from their store, however, there are multiple stores on Bayview Avenue that offer something similar, so we encourage you to shop the whole Avenue, because you never know what treasures you will find!

Clockwise from top:⁠
1. Cheese knife set from Academy of Culinary Arts⁠
2. Marble serving board from Boo Boo & Lefty Fine Living⁠
3. Fresh oysters from De La Mer⁠
4. Eye shadow from Bloom Beauty⁠
5. Hairbrush from Perri & Palmacci Hair Company, Aveda⁠
6. Powder brush from Bloom Beauty, Lily Lolo⁠
7. Bread from Epi Breads⁠
8. Macarons from Rahier⁠
9. Fresh pasta from Tutto Pronto Bayview⁠
10. Razor from Perri & Palmacci Hair Company⁠
11. Soap from Boutique La Muse, “Cinder” by Woodlot ⁠
12. Frame sample from State Of The Art Gallery⁠
13. Cigar case from The Smokin’ Cigar⁠
14. Cigar from The Smokin’ Cigar⁠
15. Wooden baby block from West Coast Kids, Uncle Goose⁠
16. Wristband from Merchant of Tennis, Nike⁠