Dec 14

It’s on Bayview! Holiday Shopping

A collection of the most unique retail shops in the City.⁠

It’s on Bayview!⁠

Real estate, medical and health professionals. Dance instructors and educational tutors. Circuit training, martial arts, boxing, Pilates and gymnastics.⁠

It’s on Bayview!⁠

Holiday Shopping on Bayview

⁠*The stores listed below are identified because the specific item photographed has come from their store, however, there are multiple stores on Bayview Avenue that offer something similar, so we encourage you to shop the whole Avenue because you never know what treasures you will find!

Clockwise from top:⁠
1. Mirror block from West Coast Kids (part of set)⁠
2. Preserved boxwood from Flower Plus⁠
3. Lighter from The Smokin’ Cigar⁠
4. Metallic picture frame sample from State Of The Art Gallery⁠
5. Soap from Boutique La Muse, Wildlot⁠
6. Business card from restaurant Mayrik ⁠
7. Chocolates from The Chocolate Messenger⁠
8. Eyeglasses from Vizio Eyewear⁠
9. Tie from The Source Menswear⁠
10. Notebook from Write Impressions, Handy Book⁠
11. Bracelet from Modella Ladieswear⁠
12. Pen from Write Impressions, Diplomat Lapis fountain pen⁠
13. Coffee Tumbler from Lit Espresso Bar⁠
14. Full Moon Serum from Bloom Beauty, Graydon⁠
15. Body Oil from Bloom Beauty, Indie Lee⁠