Dec 7

It’s On Bayview! Shop The Avenue!

Get styled from head to toe with the expert knowledge from merchants and staff.⁠

While you’re doing all your walking on Bayview, ⁠
you may find that your shoes need a little pick me up, ⁠
or your clothes need a little stitch me up, ⁠
so keep an eye out for our shoemakers, tailors ⁠
and dry cleaners on the street!⁠

It’s on Bayview!⁠

Holiday Shopping on Bayview

*The stores listed below are identified because the specific item photographed has come from their store, however, there are multiple stores on Bayview Avenue that offer something similar, so we encourage you to shop the whole Avenue because you never know what treasures you will find!

Clockwise from top:⁠
1. Toque from Your Clothes Friend, SOIA & KYO⁠
2. Sweater from Boutique La Muse, Clouds, Cashmere⁠
3. Glove from Butter Studio, leather ⁠
4. Boot from Your Clothes Friend⁠
5. Sloane Tea from Write Impressions, Heavenly Cream⁠
6. Sloane Tea from Write Impressions, Celebration Medley⁠
7. Sock from Boutique La Muse, part of gift set trio⁠